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A gas built-in barbecue with an attractive design.

The OASI gas barbecue features a built-in design that allows it to be fitted into any support surface, leaving only the upper part of the barbecue visible. The OASI barbecue is the ideal solution for those who want to combine the advantages of cooking on a gas cooktop with an attractive and minimalist design.

Designed to leave only the top part of the barbecue visible, OASI perfectly integrates into any kind of countertop (steel, stone, marble, granite or porphyry, etc.) thus preventing annoying protrusions that are often aesthetically unpleasant. This built-in barbecue is available in two sizes, 55 (53 x40cm) and 80 (79x40cm), and is made entirely in 304 stainless steel; a material that guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation, that is antibacterial and very easy to clean. It is equipped with a solid and robust gas cooktop (5 mm thick) that ensures stability and perfect temperature control.

The plate of the OASI gas barbecue is slightly sloped to allow cooking fat to flow into the drip tray and can be customised in two configurations: completely smooth or partially ribbed to give the food those attractive “grill marks”.

Oasi – Barbecue incasso a gas

The built-in barbecue can be customised according to your needs.

The OASI range is the most prestigious gas barbecue of the PLA.NET collection as it has a “modular” design and comes with a variety of accessories that make it unique, functional and in line with the needs of every consumer.

The accessories of the collection are made entirely in 304 stainless steel and can be adapted on both versions (art. 55 and art. 80). You can customise your built-in barbecue with splash guards, hot plates, burners, fryers, kitchen utensils, sinks, mixer taps and a wide variety of trolleys.

Discover all the accessories of the Oasi built-in barbecue

The OASI built-in collection also includes elegant tables on wheels in two versions: one entirely in 304 stainless steel, and one mixed solution made of 304 stainless steel and painted wood specifically for the outdoors.

Available in three sizes (1,400, 1,700 and 2,000 mm). The tables on wheels can also be customised with accessories that add value and practicality to the barbecue, such as trays with lids for storing waste or equipment, paper roll holder, gas canister cover and even a LED light for cooking at night.

Fast cooking with low gas consumption.

Called plancha in Spain and France or teppanyaki in Japan, the OASI built-in barbecue uses a gas cooktop in stainless steel designed to reach temperature quickly and to cook food evenly on the entire cooking plate.

The power supply of the gas barbecue with butane-propane liquid or methane canister is CE certified (Europe). All the products manufactured by PLA.NET Barbecue are designed for low gas consumption, reducing heat dispersion and minimising gas consumption because the burner is located inside a combustion chamber and the flame, which is under the cooking surface, heats it directly. The hot air that is created in the combustion chamber is made to flow into a chimney located behind the cooktop.

The OASI built-in gas barbecues have a safety system that automatically closes the gas flow if the flame should go out. The piezo ignition is powered by a normal battery; there is one knob for controlling the flow of gas and for igniting the cooktop.

How to install the built-in barbecue.

Thebuilt-in barbecue is very easy to install. All you need is a hole set-up on the countertop where you want to insert the cooktop, which will be secured with special L-shaped adjustable brackets.

After this operation, you can connect the gas inlet from the barbecue to the canister or, if this has already been set-up, directly to the main methane supply. For technical and safety instructions on preparing the structure on which to insert the built-in barbecue, as well as the sizes and position of the hole, please refer to the technical data sheet (link to PDF). It is important that the countertop is made of a material that is resistant to a minimum temperature of 80°C and that any walls near the rear chimney are made of non-flammable materials positioned at a minimum distance of 15 cm.

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