Why choose a gas cooktop

The advantages of cooking on a stainless steelplate.


Would you like to cook outdoors every day, and not only on the weekend? Not only in summer? And also on your terrace?

With the PLA.NET gas or electric cooktop you can prepare various types of food in no time at all. The cooktop heats up quickly and lets you cook food quickly or slowly by simply adjusting the power. Therefore, you can use it in summer and winter, in the company of friends and family. What’s more, steam is only produced from the food that is being cooked, no fat on the fire and therefore no unpleasant smoke for the neighbours if used on the terrace/balcony of your apartment.


Do you enjoy the real taste of food, only adding the aromas you want?

With the PLA.NET stainless steel products you can cook different types of food simultaneously or switch from meat to fish or another food by simply removing the cooking residues. Stainless steel does not absorb odours, so the flavours of the food are preserved.


Can one type of cooking be healthier than another?

With PLA.NET, the flame or electrical resistance is well protected inside a combustion chamber, which directly heats the plate with little heat dispersion and therefore, lower consumption. Furthermore, the fat and cooking residues fall into a removable tray. This means no flames, no carbonised food, no unburned gas in contact with the food which remains protected and cooked on the cooktop.


Do you want to stay in shape without giving up flavour?

The PLA.NET gas cooktop does not require the use of additional oil or fat, allowing to cook any type of dish: meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, but also eggs, bacon, cheese and fruit. Not only for lunch and dinner, but also breakfast.


Are you looking for a barbecue that lasts the test of time?

The PLA.NET Barbecue cooktops are professional, made in Italy in stainless steel with the highest quality standards to ensure a durable and easy-to-maintain product.


Do you have little space? Or do you have a large garden? Or a porch where you can create an outdoor living space for cooking and eating in the company of friends and family?

The PLA.NET gas cooktops are part of a modular system that allows you to build a custom barbecue, either freestanding or built-in or on a trolley, thanks to the wide range of customisations and accessories available.

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